About Us

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Serenity Recovery Living was established for the purpose of providing a temporary safe and healthy environment and affordable living arrangement for recovering addicts and alcoholics emerging out of treatment centers and/or institutions to help its members make the transition into productive member of society.

It does this by affording its members structure, responsibitys and accountability for their daily tasks of normal everyday living, and by providing rules an regulations and governing group living in an atmosphere of recovery, and promoting abstinence-based long-term recovery and participation in twelve step programs guided by spiritual principles.

Some important Features

  • Four (4) Stage Empowerment Process
  • Help With Personal Growth
  • Career & Financial Counseling
  • Case Management & Referrals
  • Co-Ed Facility
  • Unity Days


  • Bed Linens & Towels
  • Cable TV
  • Land Line Phone
  • Internet Access

One of S.R.L.'s core beliefs is in order to be successful in recovery you must have FUN in recovery, so we setup different unity events for each house or all of us together